Education and inspiration are at the center of everything Kinspire does. Along with providing the necessary resources for the students to succeed, Kinspire strives to inspire these students to continue their passions. Our programs are what make this happen.
Guest Speakers
A guest speaker will impart knowledge regarding a certain career area to the kids through Skype. With their advice and motivational words regarding education, guest speakers can help drive the children to continue their education. This will also encourage the children to have a conversation in English, improving their grip on the language. Guest speakers can choose to participate multiple times, or just once depending on their convenience.
Video Tutorials
Video tutorials act as reference materials for students to check in with their understanding of current material. These video tutorials will be stored in a database, and will thus available to the orphanages whenever they need. As a result, the difference in time zones will not be an issue-- volunteers can prepare the videos according to their schedules. Volunteers will have the freedom to structure the videos as they please. The topic for the videos and their content can be discussed with the Skype tutors.
Webcasts are regularly aired to the children in the orphanages. Volunteers from around the country can create webcasts to enhance the children's wholesome learning. By presenting a variety of content from current events to Disney movies, volunteers can keep the students engaged and expose them to more examples of spoken English. In addition, webcasts keep the children informed about important topics and life skills. With enough videos, a series can be aired at the same time weekly, which kids can tune in to.
Inspiring Stories
Inspiring stories are accounts that empower individuals to forge their own path toward success. By sharing your own story, volunteers can teach the children why it's important to pursue an education, thus fostering a positive environment for children to dream and aim for a prosperous future. Because of the freeform nature of this program, volunteers will be able to choose the medium through which they present their story.
Pen Pals
Pen pals gives volunteers a chance to have a direct impact on the children through online letters. By writing to the children, volunteers not only help the children improve their English writing/reading skills, but also build a personal bond. The content of the letters can range from daily activities to much deeper topics depending on the level of commitment to the program. The Kinspire Board will facilitate the exchange of these letters.
Career Videos
Career Videos are intended to give the children at the orphanages more exposure to the plethora of career options that are available to them. By removing the stigma surrounding some unnoticed career pathways, these videos serve to further educate the children. They can then explore their choices and follow their passions. Each video will have background information about the career path and detailed steps required to be successful. Awareness about the opportunities that exist allow the children to make better decisions regarding their futures.
Curriculum Development
Curriculum development is one our most important projects as it lays the concrete foundation to the children's learning. Our focus has been to educate the children in spoken and written English in hopes of preparing them for a variety of job prospects. As English becomes prevalent throughout India, it's a crucial skill to add to their repertoire. One of the biggest challenges with curriculum development is designing a cohesive sequence of topics, with each building on the previous.
Skype Tutoring
Tutoring through Skype has allowed many of the volunteers to interact with kids in the orphanages directly. By aiding them with their English and other subjects that need improvement, Kinspire serves to provide better education. In addition, volunteers also run mock interviews and other programs to improve general speaking skills and ensure that the children are aware of certain protocols in the workforce. Tutoring sessions are created based upon the orphanages' availability and commitment. Skype sessions are the centerpiece of Kinspire's programs, since they helps us stay in touch with the kids on a regular basis and the rest of our operations stem from this interaction.
Mentors have the capability of aiding the children in their educational pursuit. As the students grow and learn more about the opportunities available to them, they will need the guidance of someone who has already been down a similar path. Mentors will keep in touch with their assigned student. This program requires a higher level of commitment since a personal bond is created between the mentor and the child seeking advice. A volunteer interested in this program would preferably be able to mentor the children in person, and also be able to speak his/her native language if possible.
Board Apprenticeship
Our board executes many tasks that range from managing our outreach efforts in India to building our website for partners and volunteers in the US. As a result, our Directors are always happy to take on help in their work. This is a perfect way to become a valuable asset to the Kinspire team while learning the internal mechanisms of the organization. By working alongside the board, volunteers will be equipped with valuable leadership skills and learn more about each position as you go.
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