The Team
The people that keep the organization running.
Kavya Magham
Kavya Magham
Kavya Magham is currently a junior at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is majoring in Psychology and pursuing a medical degree. In her free time, Kavya loves to dance (mainly Indian classical) and do spontaneous and adventurous things around Seattle like jumping out of a plane! Her grandma has inspired her from a young age to be a better person each day. This became her mantra and she is glad that the drive she has to help others could be directed towards this organization. She can’t wait to see what the future has in store!
Sarang Joshi
Vice President
Sarang Joshi
Sarang Joshi is a self-proclaimed life enthusiast majoring in Computer Science at the University of Washington, Seattle. He loves singing, reading, and playing both video games and outdoor sports (but not at the same time). Inspired from a young age by Michael Jordan to fly, Sarang is driven to use the power of technology to give the same wings to everyone who wants to touch the sky. Sarang is honored to be Vice President on the Kinspire Executive Board, and is excited to see what the future holds!
Anusha Akella
Outreach Officer
Anusha Akella
Anusha Akella is a current freshman at University of Washington, Seattle with an intended major of psychology. She enjoys dancing, whether it be classical or Bollywood, being outdoors and exploring. Her dad inspires her to work hard and make a change in the world no matter how little it may be. As a tutor, she like to helps the children learn while having fun. Not only does she have a teacher and student relationship with the kids but something beyond that. She is very excited to see the kids grow and watch them be able to fulfill their dreams and is very excited to be apart of their journey!
Sowmya Magham
Program Manager
Sowmya Magham
As a junior at Interlake High School, Sowmya Magham loves being a part of the Kinspire board of directors. Currently taking on the position of Program Manager, she also teaches the children in India as one of Kinspire's tutors. Her main inspiration has been her family because they are her biggest support system. Sowmya is very passionate about Kinspire because this organization addresses an issue that is often overlooked by society. She's super excited for herself and Kinspire to create more smiles for miles!
Colleen McCullough
Logistics Manager
Colleen McCullough
Colleen McCullough is a current junior at the University of Washington. She is working towards a major in Nursing with a minor in French. She hopes to become a Nurse Practitioner and work abroad, combining both nursing and French. She loves being a part of Kinspire because she is passionate about working directly with kids. She tutors elementary school children in Seattle. Colleen enjoys being outdoors, and likes to go hiking and camping in her spare time. She is excited to be a part of the board as the Logistics Manager of this incredibly determined organization!
Pranita Mantravadi
Curriculum Director
Pranita Mantravadi
Pranita is currently a freshman at the University of Washington studying Informatics. She considers Kuchipudi, an Indian classical dance form, to be an inseparable part of her existence and a pillar in her life. Her mother, who also serves as a guide and a friend, is the source of Pranita's inspiration – her drive to push herself and be as helpful to others as possible. She uses this energy in all her work for Kinspire, as they share her zeal for helping the underprivileged. Pranita looks forward to pioneering the Kinspire mission further, hoping to see only positive changes in these children's lives.
Not only a friend, but something much more;
A guide and a role model is what we will strive for.
Kinspire's mission is spread around the country with the help of its dedicated branches. Groups of volunteers with a common goal have come together and expanded our reach, hosting events and conducting programs with those interested in their area.
Start a Branch
Kinspire UW is an RSO (Registered Student Organization) at the University of Washington. As a chapter of Kinspire, Kinspire UW focuses on raising awareness and expanding participation in its philanthropic efforts to the student body at the University of Washington. The UW cultivates an atmosphere of academic rigor and a sense of duty to serve people, which is integral to Kinspire's philosophy. Kinspire UW was founded in the 2014-15 academic year.
Woodinville High School
Kinspire Woodinville is a club that helps the organization by conducting fundraisers and by making video tutorials which will support the kids in orphanages review material that has been taught in school. Kinspire Woodinville was founded in the 2015-16 academic year.
At Emory, we carried on Sigma Beta Rho's proud tradition of diversity in November of 2014 with four Founding Fathers. Since then, we have quadrupled in size and now stand with brothers from all over the world, representing Nigeria, Thailand, Kazakhstan, and Jordan, to name a few. The brand of "SigRho ATL" hopes to explode onto the Greek scene with unforgettable events in various facets, and a deep network of professional alumni and ambitious undergraduates alike. Just recently, Emory SigRho has joined forces with Kinspire, as we hope to expand our contributions in the field of philanthropy and community service in a unique and meaningful way. Here, we will primarily focus on constructing appropriate learning materials and worksheets that will be directly used as interactive educational tools. We will also focus on raising awareness and diffusing our knowledge in a meaningful manner, ultimately helping empower children on the other side of the world.
Our volunteers aren't the only ones that believe in empowering children in orphanages. Many other organizations around the world share our philanthropic goals and are united with us in achieving those goals. Our partners continually fuel our mission by providing new insight and extending our resources to new programs; thus, we are able to further our mission and impact more lives. We are constantly looking for driven individuals and organizations to join us in our cause. If your organization's purpose aligns with ours, then click below to become a Kinspire partner!
Partner with Kinspire
An important part of the tools Kinspire needs to succeed is, of course, money. We need funds to implement our programs, hold successful events, and provide resources to our kith and kin from across the world. Kinspire is able to carry out its vision with the support of individual donors as well as organizations and companies interested in sustaining our efforts. If you are interested in making a contribution to empower aspiring children, then click below to become a Kinspire sponsor!
Sponsor Kinspire
The University of Washington is proud to host Laasya 2015, the nation's largest traveling Indian classical dance competition, at the University's prestigious Meany Hall on March 21st, 2015!
Laasya 2015 donated a portion of their funds to Kinspire. We are thankful for their support and sponsorship!
The Indian Cultural Exchange at Emory University.
Emory ICE hosted a fundraiser, and all raised funds were given to Kinspire. Thank you, Emory ICE!