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Welcome! Kinspire UW is the University of Washington branch of Kinspire. We're still working on updating this website, so stay tuned for updates!
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Board Members
Kavya Magham - Senior Advisor
Kavya Magham is currently a senior at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is majoring in Psychology and pursuing a medical degree. In her free time, Kavya loves to dance (mainly Indian classical) and do adventurous things around Seattle like jumping out of a plane! Her grandma has inspired her from a young age to give back to the community. This became her mantra and she is glad that the drive she has to help others could be directed towards this organization. She can’t wait to see what the future has in store!
Sarang Joshi - Senior Advisor
Sarang Joshi is a self-proclaimed life enthusiast majoring in Computer Science at the University of Washington, Seattle. He loves singing, reading, and playing both video games and outdoor sports (but not at the same time). Inspired from a young age by Michael Jordan to fly, Sarang is driven to use the power of technology to give the same wings to everyone who wants to touch the sky. Sarang is honored to be Vice President on the Kinspire Executive Board, and is excited to see what the future holds!
Nicole Bohra - President
Nicole is a sophomore at the University of Washington pursuing a major in Biology-Physiology with a minor in Information Technology. She is a Volunteer Coordinator for the 2016-2017 year and is beyond excited to implement new programs and various activities during the new school year! She aims to create a diverse community with new volunteers to make the Kinspire UW branch an even more amazing organization to be a part of.
Meena Mey - Vice President
Meena is a sophomore at the University of Washington intending to major in Public Health or Health Informatics. She is a volunteer coordinator for Kinspire and very excited to work with the 2016-2017 board and volunteers to create new programs and continue to enhance the learning and lifestyle of underprivileged children. Outside of school she is an RA in Maple Hall and likes to paint and watch scary movies. Her goal for this year is to expand the scope and influence of Kinspire at UW and collaborate with different organizations to make the most out of our resources.
Esha More - Vice President
Esha More is currently a sophomore majoring in Informatics at the University of Washington. For her, education is an extremely valuable tool and helping ensure that all underprivileged children have a fair opportunity to obtain it is a dream come true. This is exactly what Kinspire UW allows her to do. As the marketing director for this year she is extremely excited to see what the future has in store for Kinspire UW. She can't wait to start spreading the word and getting more people involved in Kinspire UW's colorful events.
Puja Ramanathan - Freshman Representative
Puja is a freshman at the University of Washington pursuing a major in Computer Science. She is the freshman representative for the 2016-2017 year and is looking forward to working on Kinspire projects and events! She wants to create new opportunities for the children in India by not only providing the resources for them but also by spreading awareness to fellow students on campus. She is excited to get started with all that is to come with Kinspire UW!
Ishanie Choudhury - Outreach Director
Ishanie is a sophomore at the University of Washington pursuing a major as well as a career in Speech and Hearing Sciences. She is excited to join the Kinspire UW team as outreach director and raise awareness about Kinspire's mission on campus. In her free time, Ishanie enjoys doing Odissi (a classical Indian dance) and singing. She is excited to make an impact both on campus and with the kids in India!
Nitya Mahensaria - Logistics Director
Nitya is a sophomore at the University of Washington pursuing a major in Economics. She is the Logistics Director for the 2016-2017 and is super excited to get involved in the upcoming projects. Since she has worked with underprivileged children back in India, she's happy to do the same through Kinspire. She aims at acquainting everyone about Kinspire and get students to be part of it as it’s for a great cause.