Inspiring our kith and kin
Kinspire is dedicated to the revitalization of education through technology for orphaned children in developing regions of India.
Why we Kinspire
In India, over 20 million children are orphaned.
The exact number? No one knows.
The National Plan of Action for Children (Government of India, 2005) does not even mention orphans under "children in difficult circumstances".
In reality, some are in the worst of circumstances.
In fact, in 2015, the Government of India ruled out any quota for orphans in government jobs.
The path to success for orphaned children remains a mystery.
The fact of the matter is, orphaned children in India have become invisible — to statistics, to society, to the government.
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How we Kinspire
Every person has the right to an enriching education, and we do our utmost to pioneer this belief. Kinspire provides resources in hopes of teaching these children the value of education.
Inspiration is what sparks passion. We hope to cultivate this passion in these children and enable them to discover and then pursue their ambitions, molding them into well-rounded individuals.
Raising Awareness
Raising Awareness
Our advocates and volunteers help pave the path for change. Organizing outreach events and fundraising campaigns allows our team to spread the Kinspire message.
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We believe that our personal approach will guide them to discover the potential within themselves. That's what makes us different.
Where we Kinspire
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